2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Driving your vehicle
Certification label
To find  out  the actual  loads on  your
front and rear axles, you need to go to
a weigh  station and weigh your  vehi-
cle.Your dealer can help you with this.
Be sure to spread out your load equal-
ly on both sides of the centerline.
Do  not load  your  vehicle any
heavier than the  GVWR, either
the   maximum  front   or  rear
GAWR  and   vehicle  capacity
weight. If you do, parts, includ-
ing  tires on  your  vehicle  can
break,  and it  can  change  the
way your  vehicle handles  and
braking   ability.   This    could
cause you  to lose control and
crash.  Also,  overloading  can
shorten the life of your vehicle.
WARNING - Over loading
Never  exceed  the  GVWR  for
your  vehicle,  the   GAWR  for
either  the  front  or  rear   axle
and  vehicle  capacity  weight.
Exceeding  these  ratings  can
cause  an accident  or  vehicle
damage.You can calculate the
weight of your  load by weigh-
ing   the   items    (or   people)
before   putting   them  in   the
vehicle. Be careful not to over-
load your vehicle.
The  certification  label is  located  on
the driver's door sill at the center pillar.
The  label will  help  you decide  how
much cargo and installed  equipment
your vehicle can carry.
This label shows the maximum allow-
able weight  of the  fully loaded  vehi-
cle. This is  called the GVWR (Gross
Vehicle Weight  Rating).  The GVWR
includes the weight of the  vehicle, all
occupants, fuel and cargo.
This  label  also  tells  you  the maxi-
mum  weight that  can be  supported
by  the  front  and  rear axles,  called
Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR).
If you carry items inside  your vehicle
- like  suitcases,  tools, packages,  or
anything  else -  they are  moving  as
fast as the vehicle. If you have to stop
or turn quickly,  or if there is  a crash,
the  items  will  keep  going  and can
cause an injury if they strike the driv-
er or a passenger.
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