2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Driving your vehicle
Check battery and cables
Check spark plugs and igni-
tion system
Use approved window washer
anti-freeze in system
Winter  puts  additional   burdens  on
the  battery system.  Visually inspect
To  keep  the   water  in  the  window
the battery  and cables as  described     described  in section  7  and  replace     washer system from freezing, add an
in  section 7. The  level  of charge  in     them  if  necessary.    Also  check  all     approved window washer anti-freeze
your  battery can  be checked  by  an     ignition wiring and components to be     solution  in accordance  with instruc-
authorized   HYUNDAI  dealer   or  a     sure  they  are not  cracked,  worn or      tions on the container.Window wash-
service station.
damaged in any way.
er  anti-freeze  is  available  from  an
authorized   HYUNDAI   dealer   and
most auto  parts outlets.  Do not  use
engine coolant or other types of anti-
Change to "winter weight" oil
if necessary
To keep locks from freezing
To  keep   the  locks   from   freezing,     freeze  as  these   may  damage  the
In some climates  it is recommended     squirt  an  approved  de-icer  fluid  or     paint finish.
that a lower viscosity  "winter weight"     glycerine  into the  key  opening. If  a
oil be used during cold  weather. See    lock  is covered with ice, squirt it with
section  8   for  recommendations.  If     an  approved de-icing fluid to remove
you aren't  sure  what weight  oil you      the ice. If the lock is frozen internally,
should  use,  consult   an  authorized     you  may  be able  to  thaw  it out  by
HYUNDAI dealer.
using a heated key. Handle the heat-
ed key with care to avoid injury.
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