2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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What to do in an emergency
Jump starting procedure
4.Connect  the jumper  cables in  the
exact sequence shown in  the illus-
tration. First connect  one end of  a
jumper cable  to the positive termi-
nal  of the  discharged  battery  (1),
then connect  the other  end to  the
positive  terminal   on  the  booster
battery   (2).  Proceed  to   connect
one end of  the other jumper  cable
to  the   negative   terminal  of   the
booster battery  (3), then the  other
end to  a solid,  stationary, metallic
point (for  example, the  engine lift-
ing bracket) away  from the battery
CAUTION - Battery cables
Do not connect the jumper cable
from the negative terminal of the
booster  battery to  the  negative
terminal  of the  discharged  bat-
tery.  This  can   cause  the   dis-
charged battery to overheat  and
crack, releasing battery acid.
If  the   battery   is  discharged,   the
engine can be started using a battery
of  another vehicle  and two  jumper
cables. Only use jumper  cables with
fully insulated clamp handles.
To prevent  personal injury or dam-
age to  both vehicles, adhere  strictly
to the following procedure.
the engine of the vehicle with
the booster battery and let it run  at
rpm, then start the engine of
sure  the booster  battery  is
and that its  negative termi-
the  vehicle   with  the   discharged
battery. If  the first starting  attempt
is not  successful,  wait a  few min-
nal is grounded.
Do not connect it to or near any
the booster battery  is in another
vehicle, do not allow the vehicles to
part that moves when the engine is
Make sure that  there is no contact
between the  bodywork  of the  two
vehicles;  otherwise,   there  is  the
danger of short circuits.
Do not  allow the jumper  cables to
contact anything except the correct
battery   terminals  or   the  correct
ground. Do  not lean  over the  bat-
tery when making connections.
attempt  in order  to  allow the  dis-
charged battery to recharge.
3.Turn off  all unnecessary  electrical
To  charge   the  discharged   battery
enough, it is recommended to let the
engine at idle  or to drive  the vehicle
for a certain period of  time.
If the cause of your battery discharg-
ing is not apparent,  you should have
your  vehicle checked  by an  author-
ized HYUNDAI dealer.
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