2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Safety features of your vehicle
Even  though  your  vehicle  is
equipped  with   the  occupant
classification  system,  do  not
install a child restraint system
in  the   front  passenger   seat
position. A child restraint sys-
tem  must never  be  placed in
the  front  seat.  The  infant  or
child could be severely injured
or killed by an  air bag deploy-
ment in case of an accident.
•  For  maximum  safety   protec-
tion in all types of  crashes, all
occupants including the driver
should always wear  their seat
belts whether or not an air bag
is also  provided at  their seat-
ing  position  to  minimize  the
risk of  severe injury  or  death
in the event of a crash. Do not
sit or lean unnecessarily close
to the air bag while the vehicle
is in motion.
•  The SRS air bag system  must
deploy very rapidly to provide
protection  in   a  crash.  If   an
occupant  is   out  of  position
because of not wearing a seat
belt, the air bag may forcefully
contact the occupant  causing
serious or fatal injuries.
Children  age   12   and  under
•  Sitting  improperly  or   out  of
position can  result in serious
or  fatal injury  in  a  crash. All
occupants  should sit  upright
restrained   in  the   rear  seat.
Never allow children to ride in
the front  passenger  seat. If a
child over  12 must  be seated
in  the  front  seat,  he  or  she
must  be  properly belted  and
the seat  should be  moved as
far back as possible.
upright  position, centered  on
the  seat   cushion  with   their
seat belt on, legs  comfortably
extended and their feet on the
floor    until    the   vehicle    is
parked and the ignition  key is
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