2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Features of your vehicle
To close the sunshade when the
sunroof glass is closed
Do  not pull  or push  the  sun-
shade by hand. It could  cause
sunshade failure.
Close the  sunroof  when driv-
ing through dusty roads. Dust
may  cause  a  malfunction   of
the vehicle system.
Type A
Press the sunshade close button (2).
When  you press  the  sunshade
close button (2) with the sunroof
glass opened, the sunshade will
be closed halfway.
Push the  sunroof control lever for-
ward or pull it down.
Type B
Press the sunshade close button (2).
To open the sunshade
Press the sunshade open button (1).
When  you  press  the  sunshade
close button (2)  with the sunroof
glass opened,  the sunshade will
be  closed halfway,  then sunroof
glass will be closed and then sun-
shade will be fully closed finally.
To stop the sliding at any point, press
the sunshade control switch momen-
Wrinkles formed on the sunshade as
material characteristic are normal.
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