2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Features of your vehicle
Blue Link® (if equipped)
The   Blue  Link   POI  button   offers
access to enhanced navigation serv-
ices. The "SOS" button  offers imme-
(Blue Link® Center)
Makes requests for  Blue Link® serv-
ice  related  inquiries   and  consulta-
A call is connected to the  Blue Link®
ser-vice center employee.
Re-pressing the key will end the call.
This feature  does not  operate when
you are on a Bluetooth® phone call.
Hyundai  aims to  offer  differentiated     diate  contact   to   SOS  Emergency
Assistance.  A  detailed  list  of  com-
‘Connected Car Life,’ which  provides     mands is  available in  the  Blue Link
consumers  with fast  and reliable  IT     User's Manual.
technology. As  consumers’ lifestyles
become  more  and  more  mobile  in
Using the Rear View Mirror
to  remarkable advances  in
smart phones, tablet PCs and overall
wireless   telecommunication,     new     Pressing the Blue Link buttons locat-
lifestyle  patterns  demand seamless     ed  on  the  rear view  mirror  key  will
connection   between   one’s   office,     allow  you  to make  service  required
(Blue Link® for POI)
Blue Link® for Voice command
inquiries,   POI  info   searches,  and      Starts Blue Link® voice command.
home, outdoors and automobiles.
emergency rescues by connecting to
Voice   receiving    voice   guidance,
the Blue Link® Center.
safety, service, and infotainment  into     Such features can be used only after     voice  command  mode.   Press  and
a complete package. It works to both     subscribing  to the  Blue  Link®  serv-     hold  the  button to  end  voice  com-
Blue  Link   is   Hyundai's  innovative
telematics   solution   that  combines
shortly press the button to convert to
help  simplify Hyundai  owners'  lives
and  reduce  distracted  driving.  The
Blue Link "b" button  offers access to
a voice-response menu of services.
TBT VR Commands
Navigate to
"Navigate to" voice command is used
to  request   the  download  of   route
data  for  a   new  destination,  saved
destinations, daily  routes and  previ-
ous destinations.
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