2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Features of your vehicle
Electric chromic mirror (ECM)
Automatic-Dimming     Night    Vision
with compass and HomeLink
system (if equipped)
Safety™ (NVS
) Mirror
The  NVS   Mirror  in your  vehicle  is
Your vehicle may  be equipped with a
Gentex   Automatic-Dimming   Mirror
with  a Z-Nav™  Electronic  Compass
the  most  advanced  way  to  reduce
annoying glare in the rearview mirror
during any driving situation. For more
information  regarding  NVS   mirrors
and  other applications,  please refer
to the Gentex website:
Display and an Integrated HomeLink
Wireless Control System.
During nighttime driving,  this feature
will automatically  detect and  reduce
rearview mirror glare  while the com-
pass indicates the direction the vehi-
cle   is    pointed.   The    HomeLink
(1) Channel 1 button
The  NVS    Mirror  automatically
Universal Transceiver  allows  you  to
activate your garage door(s), electric
gate, home lighting, etc.
Channel 2 button
Status indicator LED
Channel 3 button
Rear light sensor
reduces glare during driving con-
ditions  based  upon  light  levels
monitored in  front of the  vehicle
and from  the rear of  the vehicle.
These  light  sensors  are  visible
through openings in the front and
rear of the mirror case.Any object
that  would  obstruct  either  light
sensor will degrade the automat-
ic dimming control feature.
Dimming ON/OFF button
Compass control button
Compass display
Product Specification
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