2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Features of your vehicle
Temperature control
Adjusting the driver and passenger
side temperature equally
Type A
Type B
Driver’s side
Passenger’s side
Press  the  DUAL button  again  to
deactivate DUAL  mode. The  pas-
senger  side  temperature  will   be
set  to  the  same  temperature  as
the driver side temperature.
Press the  left temperature control
button. The  driver and  passenger
side temperature  will be  adjusted
Adjusting  the  driver  and   passenger
side temperature individually
Temperature conversion
The  temperature   will   increase  by
pushing the up button. Each  push of
the button will cause the temperature
to increase by 1°F/0.5°C.
The  temperature   will  decrease  by
pushing the down button. Each push
of the button will cause the tempera-
ture to decrease by 1°F/0.5°C. When
set to the lowest temperature setting,
the air conditioning  will operate con-
If the battery has been discharged or
disconnected, the temperature mode
display will reset to Fahrenheit.
This  is a  normal  condition. You  can
switch the temperature mode between
Fahrenheit to Celsius as follows;
While   pressing   the   OFF   button,
depress the  AUTO button for  3 sec-
onds   or   more.   The   display    will
change  from Fahrenheit  to  Celsius,
or from Celsius to Fahrenheit.
Press the DUAL button  to operate
the   driver  and   passenger   side
temperature  individually. Pressing
the right  temperature  control but-
ton will automatically switch to  the
DUAL mode as well.
Press the  left temperature control
button  to   adjust  the  driver  side
temperature. Press  the right  tem-
perature  control  button  to  adjust
the passenger side temperature.
When  the driver  side temperature  is
set to  the highest or lowest  tempera-
ture setting, the DUAL mode is deacti-
vated for maximum heating or cooling.
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