2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Safety features of your vehicle
Never hold  an infant or  child on     Adding equipment to or modi-
Air bag warning label
your lap.  The infant or  child could     fying your air bag-equipped
be seriously  injured or killed  in the
event of a crash. All infants and chil-
dren should  be properly  restrained
in appropriate  child safety seats  or
seat belts in the rear seat.
If you modify  your vehicle by chang-
ing your vehicle's frame, bumper sys-
tem, front end or side sheet metal  or
ride height, this  may affect the oper-
ation  of your  vehicle's  air  bag sys-
Sitting  improperly  or   out  of
position can cause occupants
to  be  shifted  too  close  to  a
deploying  air  bag,  strike  the
interior structure or be thrown
from  the  vehicle  resulting in
serious injury or death.
Always  sit   upright  with   the
seatback  in  an  upright  posi-
tion,   centered   on   the   seat
cushion  with  your   seat  belt
on, legs comfortably extended
and your feet on the floor.
Be careful not to cause impact
to the doors when the ignition
is ON.The air bags may inflate.
Air bag warning labels, some required
by  the U.S. National  Highway  Traffic
Safety  Administration  (NHTSA),  are
attached to  alert the  driver and pas-
sengers  of potential  risks  of  the  air
bag system.
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