2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Safety features of your vehicle
WARNING -   Loose
WARNING - Driver
responsibility for passengers
WARNING - Driver’s seat
To avoid serious injury or death:
Loose  objects   in  the   driver’s
foot  area   could  interfere  with
the operation of the foot pedals,
possibly  causing  an  accident.
Do not place anything under the
front seats.
Riding   in  a   vehicle  with   the
seatback reclined  could lead to
serious or fatal injury in an acci-
dent. If a seat is reclined during
an   accident,    the   occupant’s
hips  may  slide   under  the  lap
portion  of the  seat  belt, apply-
ing great force to the unprotect-
ed  abdomen.  Serious   or  fatal
internal   injuries  could   result.
The driver must advise the  pas-
senger to  keep the  seatback in
an  upright   position  whenever
the vehicle is in motion.
Never  attempt  to   adjust  the
seat while the  vehicle is mov-
ing. This  could result  in  loss
of  control,   and  an  accident
causing death, serious  injury,
or property damage.
Do not allow anything to inter-
fere with  the  normal position
of the seatback. Storing items
against  a seatback  or  in any
other   way   interfering    with
proper  locking of  a  seatback
could result in serious or fatal
injury in a sudden stop or col-
WARNING - Uprighting
When  you  return the  seatback
to its  upright position, hold the
seatback  and   return  it  slowly
and be  sure there  are no  other
occupants  around  the  seat.  If
the  seatback  is  returned  with-
out  being held  and  controlled,
the   back   of   the   seat   could
spring forward resulting in acci-
dental injury to  a person struck
by the seatback.
•  In order to avoid unnecessary
and  perhaps  severe  air   bag
injuries, always sit as far back
as possible  from the steering
wheel while maintaining com-
fortable control of the vehicle.
We   recommend    that    your
chest  be  at  least   10  inches
(250 mm) away from the steer-
ing wheel.
Occupants should  never sit  on
seat cushions. The passenger's
hips  may  slide   under  the  lap
portion  of the  seat  belt during
an  accident or  a  sudden  stop.
Serious or fatal internal injuries
could  result  because  the  seat
belt cannot operate normally.
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