2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Features of your vehicle
Closing the sunroof
Automatic reversal
WARNING - Sunroof
Be   careful   that    someone’s
head, hands and  body are not
trapped by a closing sunroof.
Do not  extend  the face,  neck,
arms or  body outside through
an opened  sunroof while driv-
Make sure your hands and face
are safely out of the way before
closing a sunroof.
A panoramic sunroof is made of
glass, therefore it may break  in
an accident. If you do  not have
your seat belt on, you may con-
tact  the broken  glass  and get
injured or killed. For all passen-
gers safety, have the seat  belts
on. (ex. seat belt, CRS, etc.)
To close (or tilt down) the sunroof
Pull the sunroof  glass control lever
downward (or forward).
Type A
When  you pull  the  sunroof glass
control  lever   downward  (or   for-
ward) with  the sunshade  opened,
the   sunshade    will    be   closed
halfway  and   then  glass   will  be
closed (or tilt down) and then sun-
shade will be fully closed finally.
If  an  object  or part  of  the  body  is
detected while  the  sunroof glass  or
sunshade is  closing automatically,  it
will  reverse  the direction,  and  then
The  auto reverse  function does  not
work if a tiny obstacle is between the
sliding  glass  or  sunshade  and  the
sunroof   sash.  You  should   always
check   that    all    passengers    and
objects  are  away  from  the sunroof
before closing it.
Type B
When  you pull  the  sunroof glass
control  lever   downward  (or   for-
ward) with  the sunshade  opened,
the  glass  will   be  closed  (or   tilt
To stop the sunroof movement at any
point, pull or push the sunroof control
lever momentarily.
Do not  extend the  face, neck,  arms
or  body  outside  the  sunroof   while
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