2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Features of your vehicle
Rear window wiper and
washer switch (if equipped)
To  prevent  possible  damage
to  the  wipers  or  windshield,
do   not   operate   the   wipers
when the windshield is dry.
To prevent damage to the wiper
blades,  do  not  use   gasoline,
kerosene,   paint   thinner,    or
other solvents on or near them.
To   prevent   damage   to   the
wiper arms  and other compo-
nents, do not attempt to move
the wipers manually.
Push  the  lever   away  from  you  to
spray rear washer fluid and to run the
rear  wipers  1~3  cycles.  The  spray
The rear  window  wiper and  washer     and  wiper   operation  will   continue
switch  is located  at  the  end  of the     until you  release the lever.
wiper and  washer switch  lever. Turn
the switch  to the desired  position to
operate the rear wiper and washer.
HI : High wiper speed
LO : Low wiper speed
OFF : Off
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