2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Driving your vehicle
Maintenance when trailer towing
WARNING - Parking
It can  be dangerous  to get  out
of  your  vehicle  if  the   parking
brake is not firmly set.
If you  have left  the engine run-
ning, the vehicle can move sud-
denly. You  or  others   could  be
seriously or fatally injured.
Your vehicle  will need  service  more
often when you  regularly pull a  trail-
er. Important  items to  pay particular
attention to  include engine oil,  auto-
matic  transaxle  fluid,  axle lubricant
and cooling system  fluid. Brake con-
dition  is  another  important  item  to
frequently  check. Each  item is  cov-
ered  in this  manual,  and  the Index
will  help   you  find  them  quickly.  If
you’re  trailering, it’s  a  good idea  to
•  Due   to  higher   load   during
might  occur   in  hot  days   or
during   uphill  driving.   If  the
coolant gauge  indicates over-
heating, switch off the A/C and
stop the vehicle in  a safe area
to cool down the engine.
•  When towing  check transaxle
fluid more frequently.
When  you  are  ready   to  leave  after     review   these  sections   before  you
start your trip.
parking on a hill
With the  automatic transaxle  in P
(Park), apply your brakes and hold
the brake pedal down while you:
Don’t  forget  to  also   maintain  your
trailer and  hitch. Follow  the  mainte-
nance  schedule  that   accompanied
your trailer  and check it  periodically.
Preferably, conduct  the check at  the
start   of  each   day’s  driving.   Most
importantly,  all hitch  nuts  and bolts
Start your engine;
Shift into gear; and
Release the parking brake.
Slowly remove  your foot  from the     should  be tight.
brake pedal.
Drive slowly until the trailer is clear
of the chocks.
Stop  and have  someone  pick up
and store the chocks.
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