2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Safety features of your vehicle
Larger children
If  the  shoulder  belt  portion  slightly
touches the  child’s neck  or face, try
placing the child closer  to the center
of the vehicle. If the shoulder belt still
touches their face or neck  they need
to be returned to a child restraint sys-
Children who  are too  large for  child
restraint   systems    should   always
occupy  the  rear  seat  and  use  the
available lap/shoulder  belts. The lap
portion should  be fastened  snug on
the  hips   and  as  low  as   possible.
Check  belt  fit periodically.  A  child's
squirming  could put  the  belt  out of
position.  Children  are  afforded  the
most safety  in the  event of  an acci-
dent when  they  are restrained  by a
proper  restraint  system  in  the rear
seat. If  a larger  child  (over age  12)
must be seated in  the front seat, the
child  should be  securely  restrained
by the available lap/shoulder belt and
the seat should be placed in the rear-
most  position. Children  age 12  and
under should  be restrained securely
in the rear seat. NEVER place a child
age 12  and under  in the  front seat.
NEVER place a rear facing child seat
in the front seat of a vehicle.
Small  children   are  best  protected
from  injury   in  an  accident   when
properly restrained  in the  rear seat
by   a  child   restraint   system   that
meets    the   requirements    of    the
Standards. Before  buying any  child
restraint  system, make  sure  that  it
has  a label  certifying  that  it meets
WARNING - Shoulder
belts on small children
Standard 213. The restraint must be
appropriate  for your  child's  height
and weight.  Check the  label  on the
child restraint  for this  information.
Refer to “Child restraint system”  in
this section.
Never allow a shoulder belt to
be  in  contact  with   a  child’s
neck or face while  the vehicle
is in motion.
If  seat belts  are  not properly
worn  and   adjusted  on   chil-
dren, there is a risk of death or
serious injury.
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