2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Safety features of your vehicle
Though  the  smoke and  powder  are     Do not install a child  restraint on
non-toxic, they may cause  irritation to     the front passenger’s seat
the skin (eyes, nose and throat, etc). If
Air bags inflate instantly in the
event of collision, and passen-
gers may be injured  by the air
bag expansion force if they are
not in proper position.
this is  the case, wash  and rinse with
cold water immediately  and consult a
doctor if the symptom persists.
Air  bag   inflation  may  cause
injuries which normally include
facial   or   bodily    abrasions,
injuries from broken glasses or
burns  by the  air  bag inflation
Do not touch the air bag storage
immediately  after  airbag   infla-
tion.The  air bag related parts in
the  steering  wheel, instrument
panel  and the  roof  rails  above
the  front   and  rear   doors  are
very  hot. Hot  components  can
result in burn injuries.
Noise and smoke
Never   place   a    rear-facing   child
restraint   in  the   front   passenger’s
seat. If the  air bag deploys,  it would
impact the rear-facing child restraint,
causing serious or fatal injury.
In addition, do  not place front-facing
child  restraints in  the  front passen-
ger’s seat either. If  the front passen-
ger  air  bag inflates,  it  could  cause
serious or fatal injuries to the  child.
When the air bags inflate, they make a
loud noise and they leave smoke  and
powder in the air inside of the vehicle.
This is  normal and  is a  result of  the
ignition of the air bag inflator. After the
air bag inflates, you may feel substan-
tial discomfort in breathing  due to the
contact  of  your  chest with  both  the
seat belt  and the  air bag, as  well as
from breathing the smoke and powder.
Open  your doors  and/or  windows
as soon as possible after impact in
order to reduce discomfort and pre-
vent  prolonged   exposure  to   the
smoke and powder.
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