2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Safety features of your vehicle
Additional safety precautions
•  Passengers   should  not   place
hard  or  sharp objects  between
themselves   and  the   air  bags.
Carrying hard  or sharp  objects on
your lap or in your mouth can result
in injuries if an air bag  inflates.
•  Keep occupants away from the air
bag covers. All occupants should sit
upright, fully back in their  seats with
their seat belts  on and their  feet on
the floor. If  occupants are too close
to the air bag  covers, they could be
injured if the air bags inflate.
•  Do  not attach  or  place  objects
on  or  near the  air  bag  covers.
Any  object  attached to  or  placed
on the front  or side air  bag covers
could   interfere   with   the  proper
operation of the air bags.
Never let passengers  ride in the
cargo area or on top of a folded-
down  back   seat.  All  occupants
should sit upright, fully back in their
seats with  their seat  belts on  and
their feet on the floor.
If  the   air  bags   inflate,  they
must    be   replaced     by   an
authorized HYUNDAI dealer.
Do not tamper with or discon-
nect   SRS   wiring,   or   other
components  of the  SRS  sys-
tem. Doing  so could  result in
injury, due to  accidental infla-
tion of the  air bags or by  ren-
dering the SRS inoperative.
Passengers   should   not  move
out of or change seats while  the
vehicle  is  moving. A  passenger
who is not wearing a seat belt  dur-
ing a crash or emergency stop can
be thrown against the inside of  the
vehicle,  against  other  occupants,
or out of the vehicle.
If  your  car  was  flooded  and
has soaked carpeting or water
on the flooring,  you shouldn't
try  to  start  the engine;  have
the car towed to an authorized
HYUNDAI dealer.
Each  seat  belt   is  designed  to
restrain  one  occupant.  If   more
than  one  person  uses  the  same
seat  belt, they  could be  seriously
injured or killed in a collision.
Do  not  modify  the  front   seats.
Modification of the front seats could
interfere  with  the  operation of  the
supplemental restraint system sens-
ing components or side air bags.
If components of  the air bag system
must be  discarded, or  if the  vehicle     •  Do not  use any  accessories  on
must  be   scrapped,   certain  safety
precautions  must  be  observed.  An
authorized  HYUNDAI  dealer knows
these precautions  and can  give you
the necessary information. Failure to
follow these  precautions and  proce-
dures could increase  the risk of per-
sonal injury.
seat  belts.   Devices  claiming   to
improve occupant comfort or repo-
sition the seat  belt can reduce  the     • Do   not  place  items  under  the
protection provided by the seat belt
and increase the chance of serious
injury in a crash.
front  seats.  Placing  items under
the front  seats could interfere with
the operation  of the  supplemental
restraint  system  sensing   compo-
nents and wiring harnesses.
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