2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Driving your vehicle
For  smooth  operation,  depress  the
brake  pedal  when   shifting  from  N
(Neutral) to a forward or reverse gear.
Transaxle ranges
The indicator lights in the  instrument
cluster  displays the  shift lever  posi-
tion when the ignition switch is in the
ON position.
•  To   avoid   damage    to   your
transaxle,  do   not  accelerate
the  engine  in R  (Reverse)  or
any forward gear position with
the brakes on.
When  stopped on  an  incline,
do  not  hold  the  vehicle  sta-
tionary   with   engine   power.
Use  the service  brake  or  the
parking brake.
WARNING - Automatic
Always check the surrounding
areas  near   your  vehicle   for
people,   especially   children,
before  shifting a  vehicle  into
D (Drive) or R (Reverse).
P (Park)
Always  come   to  a   complete  stop
before  shifting   into  P  (Park).  This
position locks the transaxle  and pre-
vents the front wheels from rotating.
Before   leaving   the   driver’s
seat,  always   make  sure  the
shift  lever  is  in  the P  (Park)
position; then set  the parking
brake    fully   and    shut    the
engine  off.   Unexpected  and
Do  not shift  from  N (Neutral)
or P (Park) into  D (Drive), or R
(Reverse) when  the  engine is
above idle speed.
vehicle    movement
can occur if these precautions
are  not followed  in  the order
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