2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Driving your vehicle
ALL Wheel Drive (AWD) transfer mode selection
Transfer mode
Selection button     Indicator light
When driving  in AWD  AUTO mode,  the vehicle  oper-
ates similar  to conventional  2WD vehicles  under nor-
mal operating conditions. However, if the system deter-
mines  that  there is  a  need  for  the AWD  mode,  the
engine’s driving power  is distributed to  all four wheels
automatically without driver intervention.
(Indicator light is
not illuminated)
When driving on normal roads and pavement, the vehi-
cle moves similar to conventional 2WD vehicles.
This mode  is  used for  climbing or  descending  sharp
grades, off-road  driving, driving  on sandy and  muddy
roads, etc., to maximize traction.
This   mode  automatically   begins   to   deactivate   at
speeds above 19 mph (30 km/h) and is shifted to AWD
AUTO mode at  speed above 25  mph (40 km/h). If the
vehicle decelerates to speeds below 19 mph (30 km/h),
however, the transfer  mode is shifted into AWD  LOCK
mode again.
(Indicator light is
When driving on normal  roads, deactivate the AWD LOCK mode by pushing  the AWD LOCK button (the indi-
cator light  goes off).  Driving on  normal roads  with AWD LOCK  mode(especially, when  cornering) may  cause
mechanical noise or vibration.  The noise and vibration will  disappear when the AWD LOCK mode  is deactivat-
ed. Some parts of the power train  may be damaged by prolonged driving with the noise and  vibration.
When the AWD  LOCK mode is  deactivated, a shock  may be felt  as the drive power  is delivered entirely  to the
front wheels. This shock is not a  mechanical failure.
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