2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Do not  operate the engine  in con-     Operating precautions for catalyt-
fined  or   closed  areas   (such  as     ic  converters (if equipped)
garages)  any  more  than  what  is
necessary to move the vehicle in or
Engine exhaust and a wide vari-
ety  of automobile  components
and   parts,   including   compo-
nents found  in  the interior  fur-
nishings in a vehicle, contain or
emit  chemicals   known  to  the
State of California to cause can-
cer and birth defects and repro-
ductive  harm.  In addition,  cer-
tain fluids contained in vehicles
and certain products of compo-
nent wear contain or emit chem-
icals   known   to  the   State   of
California to  cause  cancer and
birth defects or other  reproduc-
tive harm.
out of the area.
A  hot   exhaust   system   can
ignite flammable  items  under
your vehicle. Do not park, idle,
or  drive  the  vehicle  over  or
near flammable  objects, such
as  grass,   vegetation,  paper,
leaves, etc.
•  The exhaust  system and  cat-
alytic   system   are  very   hot
while the engine is running or
immediately  after  the  engine
is turned off.  Keep away from
the  exhaust  system and  cat-
alytic, you may get burned.
•  When the vehicle  is stopped in  an
open  area  for more  than  a  short
time with the engine running, adjust
the ventilation  system (as needed)
to draw outside air into the vehicle.
Never  sit in  a  parked  or  stopped
vehicle for  any extended time with
the engine running.
When the  engine  stalls or  fails to
start, excessive attempts to  restart
the engine  may cause  damage to
the emission control system.
Also, do  not remove  the heat
sink around  the exhaust  sys-
tem, do not seal the bottom of
the vehicle or  do not coat the
vehicle  for corrosion  control.
It may present a fire risk under
certain conditions.
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