2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Driving your vehicle
The  ABS  continuously  senses   the     NOTICE
•  Even with  the anti-lock brake  sys-
tem, your vehicle  still requires suf-
ficient  stopping   distance.  Always
maintain a  safe distance  from the
vehicle in front of you.
•  Always slow down when cornering.
The anti-lock brake  system cannot
prevent  accidents   resulting  from
excessive speeds.
speed  of the  wheels.  If the  wheels
A click  sound may  be  heard in  the
are  going to  lock,  the  ABS system
repeatedly  modulates  the  hydraulic
brake pressure to the wheels.
When you  apply  your brakes  under
conditions    which    may   lock    the
wheels,   you  may   hear   a  “tik-tik’’
sound from the brakes, or feel  a cor-
responding  sensation  in  the  brake
pedal. This  is  normal and  it  means
your ABS is active.
engine compartment when  the vehi-
cle begins to move after the engine is
started. These conditions are normal
and indicate that the anti-lock brake
system is functioning properly.
On loose or uneven road surfaces,
operation  of   the  anti-lock   brake
system may result in a longer stop-
ping   distance  than   for   vehicles
In order to obtain the maximum ben-
efit from your  ABS in an  emergency
situation, do not attempt to modulate
your brake pressure and do not try to
pump your brakes. Press  your brake
pedal as hard as possible or as hard
as  the situation  warrants  and allow
the  ABS to  control  the  force  being
delivered to the brakes.
with    a   conventional
brake system.
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