2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Features of your vehicle
Steering wheel audio control
MODE (1)
RADIO mode
Press  the  button  to   change  audio     It will function  as the PRESET  STA-
TION buttons.
) (2)
CD/USB/iPod® mode
The  SEEK/PRESET button  has dif-      It will function as TRACK UP/DOWN
ferent functions based on the system
For the following functions the button
should be pressed for  0.8 second or
VOLUME (VOL+/-) (3)
Push   the   lever   upward   (+)   to
increase the volume.
•  Push  the  lever   downward  (-)  to
decrease  the volume.
RADIO mode
It  will  function as  the  AUTO  SEEK
select button.
The   steering   wheel   incorporates
audio control buttons on the left hand
side of the steering wheel.
MUTE (4)
Press the button to mute the sound.
Press  the  button   to  turn  off   the
microphone during a telephone call.
CD/USB/iPod® mode
It will function as the FF/REW button.
Do  not   operate  audio   remote
control buttons simultaneously.
If   the   SEEK/PRESET    button    is
pressed for  less than  0.8 second,  it
will work as follows in each  mode.
Detailed information for audio control
buttons are described in the following
pages in this section.
Product Specification
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