2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Driving your vehicle
Do not drive through water if the level
is higher than the bottom of the vehi-
Check your  brake condition  once
you are out of mud or water. Press
the  brake  pedal  several times  as
you move slowly until you feel nor-
mal braking forces return.
Shorten  your   scheduled  mainte-
nance interval  if  you drive  in off-
road conditions such as  sand, mud
or water (see  “Maintenance under
severe usage conditions”  in section
CAUTION - Mud or  snow
WARNING - AWD driving
•  Avoid high cornering speed.
If one of the front or rear wheels
begins  to  spin  in   mud,  snow,
etc. the  vehicle can  sometimes
be driven out by depressing the
accelerator  pedal further;  how-
ever  avoid  running  the  engine
Do  not  make  quick  steering
wheel   movements,  such   as
sharp  lane  changes   or  fast,
sharp turns.
The risk  of rollover  is greatly
increased  if you  lose  control
of your vehicle at high speed.
In a collision, an unbelted per-
son is significantly  more like-
ly to die compared to a person
wearing a seat belt.
because  doing  so  could  dam-
age the AWD system.
Always wash your vehicle  thor-
oughly after off road use, especially
cleaning the bottom of the vehicle.
Since the driving  torque is always
applied  to  the  4  wheels  the per-
formance  of  the  AWD  vehicle  is
greatly affected by the condition of
the tires. Be sure to equip the vehi-
cle with four tires of  the same size
and type.
A full time  all wheel drive  vehicle
cannot  be  towed by  an  ordinary
tow  truck.   Make   sure  that   the
vehicle  is   placed  on   a  flat   bed
truck for moving.
•  Loss of control often occurs if
two  or more  wheels  drop off
the  roadway   and  the   driver
over   steers  to   re-enter   the
roadway.  In   the  event   your
vehicle leaves the roadway, do
not   steer   sharply.   Instead,
slow   down    before    pulling
back into the travel lanes.
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