2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Features of your vehicle
If you  use devices  such as a  USB
hub   purchased   separately,   the
vehicle’s  audio   system  may  not
recognize the USB  device. In that
case,   connect   the   USB   device
directly to  the multimedia  termi-
nal of the vehicle.
If  the  USB  device  is  divided  by
logical drives, only the  music files
on  the highest-priority  drive  are
recognized by car audio.
Devices   such    as   MP3   Player/
Cellular phone/Digital camera can
be  unrecognizable   by   standard
USB I/F can be unrecognizable.
Charging  through  the  USB may
not be  supported in  some mobile
USB HDD  or USB types  liable to
connection failures  due to vehicle
vibrations    are   not   supported.
(i-stick type)
Some USB  flash  memory read-
ers (such  as CF,  SD, micro  SD,
etc.)    or   external-HDD     type
devices can be unrecognizable.
Music  files  protected  by  DRM
MENT) are not recognizable.
The  data  in  the  USB  memory
may  be   lost   while  using   this
audio.  Always back  up  impor-
tant data  on a  personal storage
Please    avoid    using
USB   memory   prod-
ucts   which    can   be
used as  key chains  or
cellular  phone  acces-
sories as  they could cause dam-
age   to  the   USB  jack.   Please
make  certain  only  to  use  plug
type connector products.
Some  non-standard  USB devices
can be unrecognizable.
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