2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Driving your vehicle
WARNING - Ignition key
The  warning lights  can be  checked
before the  engine is  started. This is
the normal running position  after the
engine is started.
Do not leave the ignition switch ON if
the engine  is not running  to prevent
battery discharge.
Never  reach  for   the  ignition
switch, or  any  other controls
through   the  steering   wheel
while the vehicle is in  motion.
The presence of your  hand or
arm in this area could cause a
loss   of  vehicle   control,   an
accident  and   serious  bodily
injury or death.
•  Never turn  the ignition  switch
to LOCK or ACC while the vehi-
cle is moving.This would result
in  loss  of  directional  control
and  braking   function,  which
could cause an accident.
The anti-theft  steering column
lock is not  a substitute for the
parking  brake. Before  leaving
the driver’s  seat, always make
sure the shift lever  is engaged
in  P   (Park),  set  the   parking
brake fully and shut the engine
off.  Unexpected   and  sudden
vehicle movement may occur if
these   precautions    are   not
Turn the ignition switch to the START
position   to  start   the   engine.  The
engine  will  crank  until  you  release
the  key;  then  it  returns  to  the  ON
position. The brake warning light can
be checked in this position.
•  Do  not   place   any   movable
objects   around  the   driver’s
seat as  they may  move while
driving, interfere with the driv-
er and lead to an accident.
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