2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Features of your vehicle
Automatic reversal
However, if the resistance is weak such
as from an object that is thin or soft, or
the liftgate (tailgate) is near the latched
position, the automatic stop and rever-
sal may not detect the resistance.
If the automatic reversal feature oper-
ates  continuously   more  than  twice
during opening  or  closing operation,
the power liftgate (power tailgate) may
stop at that position.At this time, close
the  liftgate   (tailgate)  manually   and
operate the liftgate (tailgate) automat-
ically again.
The power liftgate (power tailgate)
can be operated when the engine is
not  running. However  the  power
liftgate (power  tailgate) operation
consumes large amounts of vehicle
electric power. To prevent the bat-
tery from being discharged, do not
operate  it  excessively   e.g.:  more
approximately     10   times
To prevent the battery  from being
discharged, do not leave the power
liftgate   (power   tailgate)   in   the
open position for a long lime.
Do not  modify or repair  any part
of  the power  liftgate  (power tail-
gate)  by  yourself.   This  must  be
done by an authorized HYUNDAI
When  jacking  up  the   vehicle  to
change a tire or repair the vehicle,
do  not operate  the power  liftgate
(power tailgate).  This could cause
the power liftgate (power  tailgate)
to operate improperly.
During power opening  and closing if
the power  liftgate (power tailgate)  is
blocked  by an  object or  part  of the
body,  the power  liftgate (power  tail-
gate) will detect the resistance.
•  If the  resistance is  detected while
opening the liftgate (tailgate), it will
stop  and   move  in   the  opposite
Never  intentionally   place   any
object  or  part of  your  body  in
the  path  of  the   power  liftgate
(power  tailgate)  to   make  sure
the automatic reversal operates.
If the  resistance is  detected while
closing the  liftgate (tailgate), it  will
stop  and   move  in   the  opposite
Do not  put heavy  stuffs  on the
power  liftgate   (power  tailgate)
before  you  operate  the   power
In   cold   and   wet   climates,   the
power liftgate (power tailgate) may
not work  properly due to freezing
Additional   weight   on   liftgate
(tailgate) could  cause damages
to the system.
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