2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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What to do in an emergency
Important - use of temporary
compact spare tire
WARNING - Wheel studs
If the  studs  are damaged,  they
may  lose their  ability  to  retain
the wheel.This could lead to the
loss of the wheel and a collision
resulting in serious injuries.
The  temporary  compact  spare
tire is  for  emergency use  only.
Do not  operate your vehicle  on
this  compact  spare  at  speeds
over 50 mph (80 km/h).The orig-
inal  tire should  be  repaired  or
replaced as soon as is possible
to  avoid   failure  of   the   spare
possibly   leading   to  personal
injury or death.
If your vehicle is equipped with a com-
pact  spare  tire,  it  will  take  up  less
space than a regular-size tire.This tire
is smaller than a conventional tire and
is designed for temporary use only.
To  prevent   the  jack,   jack  handle,
wheel lug nut  wrench and spare  tire
from  rattling  while the  vehicle  is  in
motion, store them properly.
You   should   drive    carefully
when  the temporary  compact
spare  is in  use. The  compact
spare  should  be  replaced  by
the  proper   conventional  tire
and rim at the first opportunity.
Do  not  drive   a  vehicle  with
more than one compact  spare
tire in use at the same time.
The compact spare  should be inflat-
ed to 60 psi (420 kPa).
WARNING - Inadequate
spare tire
Check  the  inflation  pressure  after
installing the spare  tire. Adjust it to
the specified pressure, as necessary.
Check  the   inflation  pressures
soon    as   possible    after
installing the  spare tire.  Adjust
it  to  the  specified  pressure, if
necessary.  Refer to  “Tires  and
wheels” section 8.
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