2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Features of your vehicle
WARNING - Refueling
WARNING - Refueling
•  Do not get back into a vehicle
once  you have  begun  refuel-
ing  since   you  can  generate
static  electricity by  touching,
rubbing or sliding against any
item or fabric (polyester, satin,
nylon, etc.) capable of produc-
ing   static   electricity.   Static
If pressurized fuel sprays out,
it  can  cover  your  clothes  or
skin and  thus  subject you  to
the   risk  of   fire  and   burns.
Always  remove  the  fuel  cap
carefully and slowly. If the cap
is venting fuel or if you hear a
hissing  sound, wait  until  the
condition  stops  before  com-
pletely removing the cap.
Automotive fuels  are  flammable
materials.When refueling, please
note  the   following   guidelines
carefully. Failure  to follow  these
guidelines  may result  in severe
personal injury,  severe burns or
death by fire or explosion.
Read  and  follow  all  warnings
posted at the gas station facility.
Before   refueling,    note    the
location   of   the   Emergency
Gasoline Shut-Off, if available,
at the gas station facility.
ignite fuel  vapors resulting in
rapid burning. If  you must  re-
enter the  vehicle, you  should
once  again   eliminate  poten-
tially  dangerous   static  elec-
tricity discharge by touching a
metal part of the vehicle, away
from the  fuel  filler neck, noz-
zle or other gasoline source.
Do not "top off" after  the noz-
zle   automatically   shuts   off
when refueling.
Tighten the  cap until  it clicks
Malfunction   Indicator    Light
will illuminate.
Before touching  the fuel  noz-
should    eliminate
zle,    you
potentially   dangerous  static
electricity discharge by touch-
ing another  metal  part of  the
vehicle, a  safe distance  away
from the  fuel  filler neck, noz-
zle, or other gas source.
Always check that the fuel cap
is  installed  securely   to  pre-
vent fuel spillage  in the event
of an accident.
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