2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Driving your vehicle
Vehicle stability management
(VSM) (if equipped)
The VSM does not operate when:
Malfunction indicator
Driving on bank  road such as gra-      The VSM  system  will  automatically
dient or incline
be  deactivated if  a malfunction  has
been  detected   somewhere   in  the
Electric  Power  Steering  system   or
the VSM system.  If  a malfunction is
detected, the ESC  indicator light will
illuminate and remain on. If  the ESC
indicator light  (     )  or EPS  warning
light remains on, take your vehicle to
an authorized  HYUNDAI dealer  and
have the system checked.
enhancements   to   vehicle  stability      • Driving  rearward
and steering responses when a vehi-
cle is driving  on a slippery road  or a
vehicle  detected  changes in  coeffi-
cient of friction between right wheels
and left wheels when braking.
ESC   OFF   indicator    light   (     )
remains on the instrument cluster
EPS indicator light  remains on the
instrument cluster
VSM operation off
VSM operation
When the VSM  is in operation, ESC
indicator light (     ) blinks.
When  the vehicle  stability  manage-
ment is  operating  properly, you  can
feel a  slight pulsation  in the  vehicle
and/or abnormal steering  responses
(EPS).This is only the effect of brake
and EPS control  and indicates noth-
ing unusual.
If you  press the ESC  OFF button to
turn  off the  ESC, the VSM  will  also
cancel  and the  ESC  OFF  indicator
light (     ) illuminates.
To turn on the VSM, press the button
again. The  ESC OFF  indicator  light
goes out.
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