2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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What to do in an emergency
Low tire pressure
If either  telltale  illuminates, immedi-
ately reduce  your speed, avoid hard
cornering  and  anticipate  increased
stopping distances. You  should stop
and check your tires as soon as pos-
sible. Inflate  the  tires  to the  proper
pressure  as  indicated  on  the vehi-
cle’s placard or tire inflation pressure
label located on the driver’s side cen-
ter  pillar outer  panel.  If you  cannot
reach a  service station  or if  the tire
cannot  hold   the  newly  added   air,
replace the  low pressure  tire with  a
spare tire.
If any of the below happens, we  rec-
ommend that the system be checked
by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.
Low tire pressure position tell-
tale and tire pressure telltale
low   tire   pressure   telltale/
TPMS malfunction indicator  does
not illuminate  for 3 seconds when
Engine Start/Stop button is turned
to the ON or engine is running.
TPMS malfunction  indicator
remains illuminated after blinking
for approximately 1 minute.
Type A
Type B
Low  tire   pressure  position
telltale remains illuminated.
If you  drive the vehicle  for about  10
minutes at  speeds above  15.5  mph
km/h)  after   replacing  the   low
pressure tire  with the spare  tire, the
When  the  tire  pressure  monitoring     below will happen:
system warning indicators are illumi-
nated  and   warning   message  dis-
played  on  the  cluster  LCD display,
one  or more  of your  tires  is signifi-
cantly  under-inflated.  The   low  tire
pressure  position   telltale  light   will
indicate   which  tire   is  significantly
under-inflated by illuminating the cor-
responding position light.
The  TPMS   malfunction  indicator
may   blink   for   approximately    1
minute  and  then  remain  continu-
ously   illuminated    because    the
TPMS  sensor  is not  mounted  on
the spare wheel.
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