2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Safety features of your vehicle
Recalling positions from memory
Easy access function
(if equipped)
Shift  the  shift  lever  into  P  or  N
while the  engine start/stop  button     The  system  will  move   the  driver's
is ON or ignition switch ON.
seat automatically as follows:
To recall the position in the memo-     •  Without smart key system
ry, press the  desired memory but-
ton (1 or  2). The system will beep
once,  then  the  driver’s  seat   will
automatically adjust  to the  stored
Adjusting  the control  switch  for  the
driver’s  seat   while   the  system   is
recalling   the   stored   position   will
cause  the  movement   to  stop  and
move in the direction that the  control
switch is moved.
It will move the driver’s seat  rear-
ward  when   the  ignition   key  is
removed and front driver’s door is
It will  move the  driver’s seat  for-
ward  when   the  ignition   key  is
With smart key system
The  driver's  and   front  passenger's
seats are  equipped  with a  headrest
for the occupant's safety and comfort.
It will move the  driver’s seat rear-
ward  when the  engine start/stop
button  is   changed  to  the   OFF
position and  front driver’s door  is     The headrest not only provides com-
fort for the driver and front passenger,
but also helps to protect the head and
neck in the event of a collision.
Use caution  when recalling  the
adjustment  memory   while  sit-
ting  in   the  vehicle.  Push   the
seat  position control  switch  to
the desired position immediate-
ly  if the  seat  moves too  far  in
any direction.
- It will  move  the driver’s  seat for-
ward when  the engine  start/stop
button is  changed to the  ACC or
START position.
You  can  activate  or  deactivate  this
feature.  Refer  to  "User  settings"  in
section 4.
Product Specification
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