2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Driving your vehicle
Active ECO operation
•  When  the  Active  ECO  button   is    Limitation of  Active ECO oper-
pressed the ECO indicator  (green)
will  illuminate   to   show  that   the
Active ECO is operating.
When the Active ECO is  activated,
it  will  remain  on  until  the  Active
ECO   button   is   pressed   again.
Active ECO does not turn off when
the engine  is restarted. To turn  off
Active ECO, press the  Active ECO
button again.
If the following conditions occur while
Active ECO  is operating, the system
operation is limited even though there
is no change in the ECO indicator.
When  the  coolant  temperature is
low: The system will be limited until
engine performance becomes nor-
When driving up a hill: The system
will be  limited to gain  power when
driving  uphill because  the  engine
torque is restricted.
If Active ECO is turned off, the sys-
tem will return to normal  mode.
Active ECO  helps  improve fuel  effi-
ciency  by controlling  certain engine
and   transaxle    system    operating
parameters. Fuel efficiency depends
on the driver's driving habit and road
When Active ECO is activated :     •  When using sports mode: The sys-
tem will be limited according to the
The engine noise may get louder.
The vehicle  speed may slightly  be
The  air   conditioner  performance
may be affected.
shift location.
•  When   the  accelerator    pedal  is
deeply  depressed  for  a  few  sec-
onds: The  system  will  be  limited,
judging  that   the  driver  wants  to
speed up.
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