2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Driving your vehicle
Before starting
WARNING - Driving  under
the influence of alcohol or
Close and lock all doors.
Position  the seat  so  that  all  con-
trols are easily reached.
All passengers must be  proper-
ly  belted whenever  the  vehicle
is moving. Refer to “Seat  belts”
in  section 3  for  more  informa-
tion on their proper use.
Drinking and  driving is danger-
ous. Drunk  driving is  the num-
ber one contributor to  the high-
way death toll each year. Even a
small   amount  of   alcohol  will
affect   your   reflexes,   percep-
tions   and  judgement.   Driving
while   under  the   influence   of
drugs is  as dangerous or  more
dangerous than driving drunk.
You  are   much  more   likely  to
have  a serious  accident  if you
drink or take drugs and drive.
If  you   are  drinking   or  taking
drugs, do  not drive. Do  not ride
with a driver who has been drink-
ing  or  taking  drugs.  Choose  a
designated driver or call a cab.
Adjust   the   inside    and   outside
rearview mirrors.
Be sure that all lights work.
Check all gauges.
Check  the   operation  of   warning
lights  when  the  ignition  switch is
turned to the ON position.
Always  check  the  surrounding
areas near your vehicle for peo-
ple,  especially children,  before
putting a  vehicle into  D (Drive)
or R (Reverse).
Release   the  parking   brake  and
make sure  the brake warning  light
goes out.
For safe  operation, be  sure you  are
familiar  with   your   vehicle  and   its
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