2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Safety features of your vehicle
Securing a child restraint seat with
child seat lower anchor system
Lower Anchor
Position Indicator
WARNING - Unused rear
Always   fasten    the   seatbelts
behind  the  child restraint  seat
when   they   are   not   used   to
secure the child seat.  Failure to
do so may  result in child stran-
Lower Anchor
Child  restraint  symbols are  located
on the  left and right rear  seat backs
to indicate  the position  of  the lower
anchors for child restraints.
Do  not  place  anything  around
the  lower  anchors.  Also  make
sure  that  the  seat  belt  is   not
caught in the lower anchors.
Some    child   seat    manufacturers
make  child  restraint  seats  that  are
labeled  as  LATCH  or  LATCH-com-
patible  child restraint  seats.  LATCH
stands   for   "Lower    Anchors   and
Tethers  for  Children".  These  seats
include two  rigid or  webbing mount-
ed attachments  that  connect to  two
LATCH  anchors  at  specific  seating
positions in your vehicle. This type of
child  restraint   seat  eliminates   the
need to  use seat belts  to attach the
child seat in the rear seats.
Product Specification
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