2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Driving your vehicle
Remember, your  vehicle does  not     Keeping a  vehicle in good  operating
require  extended   warm-up.  After     condition is  important both for econ-
the  engine has  started,  allow  the     omy and  safety. Therefore,  have an
engine to run for 10  to 20 seconds     authorized HYUNDAI dealer perform
prior to placing the  vehicle in gear.     scheduled  inspections  and  mainte-
In very cold weather, however, give
your engine a slightly longer warm-
up period.
WARNING - Engine off
Don't "lug" or "over-rev" the engine.
Lugging  is driving too slowly in too
high a  gear resulting engine  buck-
ing. If this happens, shift to a  lower
gear.  Over-revving   is  racing   the
engine  beyond  its  safe limit.  This
can  be avoided  by  shifting  at the
recommended speeds.
Use your air conditioning sparingly.
The   air  conditioning    system   is
operated by engine  power so your
fuel economy is reduced when you
use it.
Never  turn   the  engine   off  to
coast down  hills or anytime  the
vehicle is  in motion. The  power
steering  and power  brakes  will
not function properly without the
engine  running.   Instead,  keep
the engine  on and  downshift to
an  appropriate  gear for  engine
braking effect.  In addition, turn-
ing off the  ignition while driving
could engage the steering wheel
lock resulting  in loss  of vehicle
Open windows at high speeds  can
reduce fuel economy.
could  cause
Fuel economy is less in crosswinds
and   headwinds.   To  help   offset
some of this loss, slow down when
driving in these conditions.
serious injury or death.
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