2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Safety features of your vehicle
Both  the  driver's  and  front  pas-
senger's   seat   belt  pre-tensioner
system may  be activated  not only
in certain frontal collision but also
in certain side collision or rollover,
if  the  vehicle is  equipped  with  a
side or curtain air bag.
When the  pre-tensioner seat  belts
are activated, a loud  noise may be
heard  and  fine  dust,  which  may
appear to be smoke, may be visible
in   the  passenger   compartment.
These are normal operating condi-
tions and are not hazardous.
Although  it  is  harmless, the  fine
dust may cause skin irritation and
should  not  be  breathed  for  pro-
longed periods.  Wash  all exposed
skin   areas  thoroughly   after   an
accident in which  the pre-tension-
er seat belts were activated.
If  the   pre-tensioner   seat  belt
system are  not working  proper-
ly, this  warning light  will illumi-
nate even if there is no malfunc-
tion  of  the  SRS air  bag.  If  the
SRS air  bag warning  light does
not illuminate  when the ignition
switch  is   turned   ON,  or  if   it
remains illuminated  after illumi-
nating  for approximately  6 sec-
onds,  or  if  it  illuminates  while
the vehicle is being driven, have
an  authorized  HYUNDAI  dealer
inspect  the   pre-tensioner  seat
belt and  SRS air bag system  as
soon as possible.
Pre-tensioners  are   designed
to operate only one time. After
activation,  pre-tensioner seat
belts  must   be  replaced.   All
seat belts, of any type, should
always be  replaced after  they
have been worn during a colli-
The   pre-tensioner   seat  belt
become hot during activation.
Do not touch  the pre-tension-
er  seat   belt   assemblies  for
several   minutes    after   they
have been activated.
Do  not attempt  to  inspect or
replace the pre-tensioner seat
belts  yourself.  This  must  be
HYUNDAI dealer.
Because  the sensor  that  activates
the SRS air  bag is connected with
the   pre-tensioner  seat   belt,   the
•  Do not strike  the pre-tension-
er seat belt assemblies.
Do  not attempt  to  service  or
repair  the  pre-tensioner  seat
belt system in any manner.
SRS air  bag warning  light
the  instrument  panel  will illumi-
nate for  approximately  6 seconds
after the  ignition switch  has been
turned  to  the   ON  position,  and
then it should turn off.
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