2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Driving your vehicle
Driving in flooded areas
Highway driving
Avoid driving  through  flooded areas
unless you  are sure  the water is  no
higher than  the bottom of  the wheel
hub. Drive through  any water slowly.
Allow  adequate   stopping   distance
because brake performance  may be
After  driving through  water,  dry the
brakes by gently  applying them sev-
eral times while the vehicle is moving
Underinflated  or  overinflated
tires can cause poor handling,
loss  of   vehicle  control,  and
sudden tire  failure  leading to
accidents,  injuries, and  even
death. Always  check the tires
for   proper   inflation    before
driving.  For proper  tire  pres-
sures,   refer    to   section    8,
“Tires and wheels”.
Driving  on   tires  with  no   or
insufficient  tread   is  danger-
ous. Worn-out tires can  result
in loss of  vehicle control, col-
lisions, injury, and even death.
tires    should    be
Driving off-road
Drive carefully off-road because your     Adjust the  tire inflation  pressures to
vehicle may be damaged by rocks or     specification. Low  tire inflation  pres-
roots of  trees. Become  familiar with     sures  will  result  in overheating  and
the  off-road   conditions  where  you     possible failure  of the tires.
are going  to drive  before you  begin
replaced as  soon as possible
and should never  be used for
driving. Always check  the tire
tread before driving your vehi-
cle.  For   further   information
and tread  limits, refer  to sec-
tion 7, “Tires and wheels”.
Avoid  using worn  or  damaged tires
which may result  in reduced traction
or tire failure.
Never   exceed   the  maximum   tire
inflation pressure shown on the tires.
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