2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Features of your vehicle
HD Radio
HD Radio    signal delay
(for HD RADIO™ equipped model)
To  overcome  the  delay  that  digital
systems   inherently    produce,   HD
Radio™  technology   first  uses   the
audio signal of the analog broadcast-
ing when  you tune to  an AM station
or to  the main channel  of a FM  sta-
tion. After that, the system  will blend
from analog to digital signal.
Adjacent to  traditional main  stations
are extra  local  FM channels. These
HD2/HD3   Channels   provide   new,
original music  as  well as  deep cuts
into traditional genre.
HD Radio Technology  manufactured
under  license   from  iBiquity  Digital
Patents. HD Radio™ and the HD, HD
Radio,  and  "Arc"  logos  are  propri-
etary  trademarks  of  iBiquity  Digital
Digital, CD-quality  sound. HD Radio
Technology  enables local  radio sta-
tions to broadcast a clean digital sig-
nal. AM sounds  like today’s  FM and
FM sounds like a CD.
Normally,    this   blending    is   very
smooth. If  you experience  a  skip in
program content of several  seconds,
the radio station  has not implement-
ed HD Radio™ broadcasting correct-
ly. This  is  not  a  problem  with  your
audio system.
Due to the fact that sub channels are
only  broadcasting   digital,  blending
from  analog  to digital  signal  is  not
possible if you tune to a sub channel.
In  this   case  playback   of  the  sub
channel starts after several seconds,
this is a normal function.
Program  Service  Data:  Contributes
to  the  superior  user  experience  of
HD Radio Technology. Presents song
name,  artist,  station IDs,  HD2/HD3
Channel  Guide,  and  other  relevant
data streams.
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