2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Driving your vehicle
If a tire goes flat while you are driv-     •  Under some conditions  your park-
ing,  apply  the  brakes  gently  and        ing   brake    can   freeze    in    the
keep  the  vehicle  pointed  straight        engaged position.This  is most like-
ahead while you slow  down. When       ly   to  happen   when  there  is   an
you are moving slowly enough for it       accumulation     of   snow    or   ice
to be safe to do so, pull off the road       around or near the rear brakes or if
and stop in a safe place.                         the brakes are wet. If there is a risk
that the parking  brake may freeze,
apply it  only temporarily while  you
put  the  gear  selector  lever   in  P
(automatic transaxle) and block the
rear wheels  so the  vehicle cannot
roll.   Then   release   the   parking
If your vehicle  is equipped with an
automatic transaxle,  don't let  your
vehicle  creep   forward.  To   avoid
creeping  forward,  keep  your  foot
firmly on the brake pedal when the
vehicle is stopped.
Use caution when parking on a hill.
Firmly  engage  the  parking  brake
and place the shift lever in P (auto-
matic transaxle).  If your  vehicle is
facing   downhill,    turn   the   front
wheels into  the curb  to help  keep
the vehicle from rolling. If your vehi-
cle  is  facing uphill,  turn  the  front
wheels away from the  curb to help
keep  the   vehicle  from   rolling.  If
there is  no curb or  if it  is required
by  other   conditions  to  keep  the
vehicle   from   rolling,    block   the
Do  not   hold  the   vehicle  on   an
incline with  the  accelerator pedal.
This  can  cause  the  transaxle   to
overheat.  Always   use  the   brake
pedal or parking brake.
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