2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Safety features of your vehicle
Using a child restraint system
For  safety reasons,  we recommend
that  the   child  restraint  system   be
used in the rear seats.
Rearward-facing child restraint system
Before   installing    the   child
restraint    system,   read   the
instructions  supplied  by  the
child  restraint  system manu-
Never  place a  rear-facing  child
restraint in  the front  passenger
seat, because of the danger that
an  inflating  passenger-side  air
bag could impact the rear-facing
child restraint and kill the child.
If the seat  belt does not oper-
ate  as described  in  this sec-
tion, have the system checked
immediately  by  your  author-
ized HYUNDAI dealer.
Forward-facing child restraint system
•  Failure to observe  this manu-
al's   instructions     regarding
child  restraint   systems   and
the instructions provided with
the   child    restraint   system
could   increase   the   chance
and/or severity of  injury in an
Since all  passenger seat belts  move
freely  under  normal  conditions  and
only  lock   under  extreme  or   emer-
gency conditions (emergency  locking
mode),  you  must  manually  change
these seat belts to the automatic lock-
ing mode to secure a child restraint.
If  the   vehicle  headrest   pre-
vents proper  installation  of a
child seat, the headrest of  the
respective   seating   position
shall be readjusted or entirely
WARNING - Child seat
A   child    can    be   seriously
injured or killed in a collision if
the child  restraint is not  prop-
erly  anchored  to   the  vehicle
and  the  child  is not  properly
restrained in the child restraint.
For small children and babies, the use
of a child seat or infant seat is required.
This child seat or infant seat should be
of  appropriate size  for  the child  and
should be installed in accordance with
the manufacturer's instructions.
Product Specification
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