2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Features of your vehicle
Power windows
Window opening and closing
The ignition switch must be in the ON      While driving with the rear windows
position for power windows to operate.    down    or    with   the    sunroof    (if
equipped)  in  an open  (or  partially
open)   position,  your   vehicle   may
demonstrate   a  wind   buffeting   or
pulsation noise.  This  noise is a nor-
mal occurrence  and can be reduced
or eliminated  by  taking the  follow-
ing actions.  If the noise  occurs with
one  or  both   of  the  rear  windows
down,   partially  lower   both   front
windows approximately one  inch. If
you  experience  the  noise  with  the
sunroof  open,   slightly   reduce  the
Each   door  has   a   power  window
switch that  controls  that door's  win-
dow. The driver has a power window
lock switch which can block the oper-
ation of passenger windows. The dri-
ver’s door  has a  master power  win-
dow switch  that controls all  the win-
dows in  the vehicle. The power  win-
dows  can  be operated  for  approxi-
mately 30  seconds after the  ignition
key is removed or turned to the  ACC
To  open  or  close  a  window, press
down or  pull  up the  front portion  of
the corresponding  switch to the  first
detent position (5).
or  LOCK  position.  However,  if  the
size of the sunroof opening.
front doors open, the power windows
cannot  be  operated   within  the  30
second period.
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