2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Features of your vehicle
Outside Temperature Gauge
WARNING - Fuel Gauge
Running out of fuel  can expose
vehicle occupants to danger.
Type A
Type B
Type A
Type B
You must stop  and obtain addi-
tional fuel  as soon  as possible
after  the  warning  light  comes
on or when  the gauge indicator
comes close to  the “E (Empty)”
Avoid  driving  with a  extremely
low  fuel  level.  Running  out  of
fuel  could cause  the  engine to
misfire  damaging  the  catalytic
The odometer Indicates the total dis-     This gauge indicates the current out-
tance that the vehicle has  been driv-     side air temperatures by 1°F (1°C).
en and should be  used to determine
Temperature range : -40°F ~ 140°F
(-40°C ~ 60°C)
when  periodic  maintenance  should
be performed.
The outside  temperature on the dis-
play  may   not  change  immediately
like  a  general thermometer  to  pre-
vent the driver from being inattentive.
Odometer range : 0 ~ 999999 miles
or kilometers.
The temperature  unit (from °F  to °C
or from °C to °F) can  be changed by
using the “User Settings” mode of the
LCD display.
For  more  details,   refer  to  “LCD
Display” in this chapter.
Product Specification
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