2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Driving your vehicle
Non-operating conditions
Driver's Attention
The driver must  be extra cautious in
the following  situations in  which the
- A big vehicle is near  such as a bus
or truck.
The   system   may   not   work
properly   if  the   bumper  has
been replaced or if repair work
has  been done  near the  sen-
The   detection    area    differs
according to  the roads  width.
If the  road is  narrow the  sys-
tem may detect other vehicles
in the next lane.
Conversely, if the  road is very
wide   the   system    may   not
detect other vehicles.
The system  may  turn off  due
to    strong    electromagnetic
A motorcycle or bicycle is near.
A flatbed trailer is near.
system may not assist the driver and     - If  the  vehicle has  been  started  at
may not function properly.
the same time as the vehicle next to
it  and  the  vehicle  has  started  to
Curved roads, tollgates, etc.
- The  surrounding  of  the sensor  is
covered by rain, snow, mud, etc
When the  other vehicle  passes by
very fast.
The rear bumper near the sensor is
covered  or  hidden  with  a  foreign
matter  such  as  a sticker,  bumper     - When  going  down  or  up  a  steep
guard, bicycle stand etc.
road where the height of the lane is
- When changing lanes.
The rear bumper is damaged or the
sensor is out of place.
The   height    of    the   vehicle    is
changed  or altered  such as  when
- When  the  other  vehicle  drives  at
the rear very  nearby or drives very
the cargo area is loaded with heavy     - When the  temperature of  the  rear
bumper is high.
objects, or  has abnormal tire  pres-
sure etc.
When a trailer or carrier is installed.
When   driving  through   a   narrow
road with many trees or bushes.
Due to bad weather such  as heavy
rain or snow.
A  fixed  object  is  near  such as  a
guardrail, tunnel, animals etc.
A large  amount of  metal materials
are near  the vehicle,  such as  in a
construction area.
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