2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Features of your vehicle
Instant Fuel Economy (3)
One time driving information
mode (if equipped)
This mode displays the instant fuel
economy  during the  last few  sec-
onds  when  the  vehicle  speed  is
more than 6.2 MPH (10 km/h).
If   "Window  Open"   or   "Sunroof
Open"  warning   message   are  dis-
played  in  the   cluster,  this  display
may not be displayed in the cluster.
Type A
Type B
Fuel economy range: 0 ~ 50 MPG
or 0 ~ 30 L/100km
This display  shows trip distance  (1),
average  fuel  economy  (2)  and  the
vehicle   can   be   driven    with   the
remaining fuel (3).
This  information  is  displayed  for  a
few  seconds when  you  turn off  the
engine and  then  goes off  automati-
cally.The information provided is cal-
culated according to each trip.
If  the  estimated  distance  is  below
will display as "---" and a refuel mes-
sage will appear (4).
mi. (1km), the distance to empty (3)
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