2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Engine oil and filter
Fuel filter
Fuel lines, fuel hoses and con-
The  engine oil  and  filter  should be     A clogged filter can limit the speed at
changed at the  intervals specified in     which   the  vehicle  may   be  driven,     Check the  fuel lines, fuel  hoses and
the maintenance schedule. If the car      damage  the  emission  system  and      connections  for  leakage  and  dam-
is being  driven in severe  conditions,     cause multiple  issues such  as  hard     age. Have  an authorized  HYUNDAI
more frequent  oil and  filter changes     starting.  If  an  excessive amount  of     dealer replace any damaged or leak-
are required.
foreign  matter   accumulates  in  the     ing  parts immediately.
fuel   tank,   the   filter   may   require
replacement more frequently.
Drive belts
Vapor hose and fuel filler cap
After  installing a  new  filter,  run the
engine   for   several   minutes,   and
check  for leaks  at  the connections.
Fuel filters should  be installed by an
authorized HYUNDAI dealer.
Inspect all drive belts for evidence of
cuts,  cracks,  excessive  wear  or oil
saturation and  replace if  necessary.
Drive belts  should be  checked peri-
odically    for   proper   tension    and
adjusted as necessary.
The  vapor  hose  and fuel  filler  cap
should  be inspected  at  those inter-
vals  specified   in  the  maintenance
schedule.  Make   sure  that   a   new
vapor  hose or  fuel  filler cap  is cor-
rectly replaced.
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