2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Features of your vehicle
FM radio station
FM  broadcasts   are  transmitted   at     •  Fading  -  As  your  vehicle  moves     •  Station  Swapping - As  an FM sig-
high frequencies and do  not bend to
follow  the earth's  surface.  Because
of   this,  FM   broadcasts   generally
begin to  fade within  short distances
from the station. Also, FM signals are
easily  affected  by  buildings, moun-
tains, and obstructions.This can lead
to undesirable  or unpleasant  listen-
ing conditions  which might lead  you
to believe a problem  exists with your
radio.  The  following  conditions  are
normal  and   do  not   indicate  radio
away  from  the  radio  station,  the
signal will  weaken  and sound  will
begin  to  fade. When  this  occurs,
we suggest that you select another
stronger station.
Flutter/Static - Weak FM signals or
large   obstructions   between   the
nal weakens, another more power-
ful signal near the same frequency
may begin to play. This  is because
your radio is designed  to lock onto
the  clearest signal.  If this  occurs,
select    another   station    with    a
stronger signal.
transmitter and your radio  can dis-     •  Multi-Path   Cancellation   -  Radio
turb  the  signal  causing   static  or
fluttering noises to occur. Reducing
the  treble   level  may  lessen   this
effect until the disturbance clears.
signals being received  from sever-
al  directions can  cause  distortion
or fluttering. This can be caused by
a  direct and  reflected signal  from
the  same   station,  or  by   signals
from  two  stations  with  close  fre-
quencies.   If  this   occurs,   select
another  station until  the  condition
has passed.
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