2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Driving your vehicle
Turn signals when towing a trailer
Driving on grades
When you  tow a trailer,  your vehicle
has  to  have  a  different turn  signal
flasher  and extra  wiring. The  green
arrows on your  instrument panel will
flash whenever  you signal  a turn  or
lane  change.   Properly   connected,
the trailer lights will also flash to alert
other  drivers  you’re  about  to   turn,
change lanes, or stop.
When  towing   a  trailer,   the  green
arrows on  your instrument panel  will
flash for turns even if the bulbs on the
trailer are burned out. Thus, you may
think  drivers behind  you  are seeing
your  signals when,  in fact,  they  are
not. It’s important to check  occasion-
ally to be sure the trailer bulbs are still
working.  You  must  also   check  the
lights every time  you disconnect and
then reconnect the wires.
Reduce  speed and  shift  to a  lower
gear before you start down  a long or
steep  downgrade. If  you  don’t  shift
down,  you  might have  to  use  your
brakes so  much that they  would get
hot and no longer operate efficiently.
On  a  long  uphill grade,  shift  down
and reduce your speed to around 45
mph (70  km/h) to  reduce the  possi-
bility  of engine  and  transaxle  over-
Failure to use an approved trail-
er  wiring  harness could  result
in damage to the vehicle electri-
cal   system    and/or   personal
Operating  your vehicle  in  D (Drive)
when  towing  a  trailer will  minimize
heat build  up  and extend  the life  of
your transaxle.
Do not connect  a trailer lighting sys-
tem directly to  your vehicle’s lighting
system. Use only an approved trailer
wiring harness.
An authorized  HYUNDAI dealer  can
assist you in installing the wiring har-
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