2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Features of your vehicle
Windshield washers
(if equipped)
The reservoir filler neck  is located in
the front of  the engine compartment
on the passenger side.
When  washing the  vehicle,  set
the  wiper   switch   in  the   OFF
position to  stop the  auto wiper
The  wiper may  operate  and be
damaged if  the switch  is set  in
the  AUTO mode  while washing
the vehicle.
To prevent  possible  damage to
the washer  pump, do  not oper-
ate  the  washer  when  the  fluid
reservoir is empty.
Do not remove the sensor cover
located on the  upper end of  the
glass. Damage  to  system parts
could occur and may not be cov-
ered by your vehicle warranty.
Do not use  the washer in freez-
ing  temperatures  without   first
warming   the  windshield   with
the defrosters; the washer solu-
tion  could freeze  on  the  wind-
shield and obscure your vision.
In  the  OFF  position,  pull  the  lever
gently  toward  you to  spray  washer
fluid on the windshield and to run the
wipers 1-3 cycles.
Use  this   function  when  the   wind-
shield is dirty.
The  spray  and wiper  operation  will
continue until you release the lever.
If the  washer does  not  work, check
the washer fluid level. If the fluid level
is not sufficient, you will  need to add
appropriate non-abrasive  windshield
washer fluid to the washer reservoir.
When   starting   the  vehicle   in
winter,  set the  wiper  switch  in
the   OFF  position.   Otherwise,
wipers may operate and ice may
damage   the  windshield   wiper
blades. Always remove all snow
and  ice  and  defrost  the  wind-
shield  properly prior  to operat-
ing the windshield wipers.
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