2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Safety features of your vehicle
Front  and  side  air  bags  can
injure  occupants   improperly
positioned in the front seats.
Move your seat as far back  as
practical   from  the   front  air
bags,  while  still   maintaining
control of the vehicle.
•  No objects  should  be placed
over or near  the air bag  mod-
ules  on   the  steering  wheel,
instrument    panel,   and   the
front passenger's panel above
the  glove  box,   because  any
such object could cause harm
if  the   vehicle  is  in  a   crash
severe  enough  to  cause  the
air bags to deploy.
•  If  the   SRS  air  bag   warning
light remains illuminated while
the  vehicle   is  being   driven,
have  an authorized  HYUNDAI
dealer inspect the air bag sys-
tem as soon as possible.
•  Air bags can only be used once
dealer   replace   the   air   bag
immediately after deployment.
have an authorized HYUNDAI
and   your    passengers
should never sit or lean unnec-
essarily close  to the  air bags.
Improperly  positioned   driver
and passengers can be severe-
ly injured by inflating air bags.
Never  place covers,  blankets
or  seat warmers  on  the  pas-
senger   seat   as   these   may
interfere   with  the   occupant
classification system.
•  The SRS is designed to deploy
the  front  air bags  only  when
frontal  impact   is  sufficiently
severe  and  when  the  impact
angle  is toward  from  the  for-
ward  longitudinal  axis  of  the
vehicle.  Additionally,   the  air
bags  will   only  deploy   once.
Seat belts must  be worn at  all
Never lean against the door or
center console – always  sit in
an upright position.
Do  not allow  a  passenger  to
ride in the front seat when the
PASS AIR  BAG "OFF"  indica-
tor is illuminated, because the
air bag  will not  deploy  in the
event of a moderate or severe
frontal crash.
Do not tamper with  or discon-
nect SRS wiring or other com-
ponents  of  the  SRS  system.
Doing so could result in injury,
due to  accidental deployment
of the air bags or by rendering
the SRS inoperative.
Front air bags are not intended
to deploy  in side-impact,  rear-
impact  or rollover  crashes.  In
addition, front air bags will not
deploy in frontal crashes below
the deployment threshold.
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