2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Driving your vehicle
Driving with a trailer
Following distance
Backing up
Stay at least  twice as far  behind the     Hold the bottom of the steering wheel
vehicle  ahead  as  you  would  when     with one hand.Then, to move the trail-
driving your  vehicle without a  trailer.     er to the left,  just move your  hand to
This  can  help  you  avoid  situations     the left.To move the trailer to the right,
that require  heavy braking and  sud-     move your  hand to  the right. Always
back up slowly  and, if possible,  have
someone guide you.
Towing  a  trailer  requires   a  certain
amount of experience. Before setting
out for the open road, you must get to
know  your  trailer. Acquaint  yourself
with the feel  of handling and braking
with the  added  weight of  the trailer.
And  always  keep  in  mind  that  the
vehicle you are driving is now a good
deal longer and not nearly so respon-
sive as your vehicle is by itself.
den turns.
You’ll  need  more  passing  distance
Making turns
up ahead when you’re  towing a trail-     When  you’re  turning  with  a  trailer,
er.  And,  because  of  the  increased     make  wider  turns  than  normal. Do
vehicle   length,  you’ll   need   to  go     this  so  your  trailer won’t  strike  soft
much   farther  beyond   the   passed     shoulders,  curbs, road  signs,  trees,
vehicle before you can return to your     or other  objects near the edge of the
lane. Due  to  the added  load  to the     road. Avoid  jerky or  sudden maneu-
engine when going uphill  the vehicle     vers. Signal  well  in advance  before
may also take  longer to pass  than it     turning or lane changes.
would on flat ground.
Before  you  start,   check  the  trailer
hitch  and   platform,  safety   chains,
electrical  connector(s),   lights,  tires
and  mirror adjustment.  If  the trailer
has electric brakes, start your vehicle
and trailer moving and then apply the
trailer brake controller by  hand to be
sure the brakes are working.This lets
you check your  electrical connection
at the same time.
During your  trip, check  occasionally
to  be sure  that  the  load is  secure,
and  that  the  lights  and  any  trailer
brakes are still working.
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