2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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You should exercise  the utmost care     Owner’s responsibility
to  prevent  damage  to  your  vehicle
We recommend you  have your vehi-
cle  maintained  and  repaired by  an
authorized    HYUNDAI   dealer.   An
authorized  HYUNDAI  dealer  meets
and injury  to yourself whenever per-
forming any  maintenance or inspec-
tion procedures.
Should  you  have  any  doubts  con-
cerning the inspection or servicing of
your  vehicle,   we   strongly   recom-
mend  that  you have  an  authorized
HYUNDAI dealer perform this work.
An authorized  HYUNDAI dealer has
factory-trained technicians  and gen-
uine HYUNDAI parts  to service your
vehicle  properly.  For  expert  advice
and  quality service,  see  an author-
ized HYUNDAI dealer.
Inadequate,   incomplete  or   insuffi-
cient servicing  may  result in  opera-
tional problems with your vehicle that
could  lead  to   vehicle  damage,  an
accident, or personal injury.
Maintenance   Service  and   Record     HYUNDAI’s    high   service    quality
Retention are  the owner's  responsi-     standards   and  receives   technical
support  from  HYUNDAI in  order  to
provide you with a high level of serv-
You  should   retain  documents  that     ice satisfaction.
show proper  maintenance has been
performed on  your vehicle  in accor-
dance  with  the   scheduled  mainte-
nance service  charts  shown on  the
following pages. You need  this infor-
mation to  establish your compliance
with the  servicing  and maintenance
requirements  of   your  vehicle  war-
Detailed warranty information  is pro-
vided  in your  Owner’s  Handbook &
Warranty Information booklet.
Repairs and adjustments required as
a result  of improper maintenance  or
a  lack of  required maintenance  are
not covered.
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